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Welcome to Chattanooga Baptist College!

Chattanooga Baptist College is unique in every detail.  First, it has been designed to meet the needs of real people and real life.  Let's be honest, it is difficult to sit in a classroom many hours a week on a fixed schedule.  Especially if you are busy being a parent, worker, or in ministry.  CBC has been adapted to allow you to "go to class" on your schedule!  There is no fixed schedule of classes and there are no classrooms you have to attend.  You choose what classes you will take each quarter.  A total of four classes per quarter will be provided for your choosing.  Simply, watch each week's lecture provided through your members login, take notes, at at the end of the quarter; take the online test for credit.  A new lecture for each class will be uploaded every Monday morning.  It really is as simple as that!

Chattanooga Baptist College is unique also in that you have direct access to the professor via email, text, and phone calls.  If you have a question about the material, requirements, or even just need counsel; our faculty is here to help.  Our main desire is to minister to you not only in education,  but in every area of life.

Chattanooga Baptist College is not just a college for preachers.  The curriculum of CBC has been designed to help every person on every level.  The Sunday school teacher, the young woman pursuing an education, the youth pastor or pastor desiring to further their education; Chattanooga Baptist College is for you.


Of course, you ask "what does Chattanooga Baptist College Cost?"

Registration Fee - $100.00

Graduation Fee - $50.00

We have made CBC one of the most affordable higher education programs that fits pretty much every budget. There are a total of four classes offered for your choosing each quarter - 12 weeks.  You can attend all four classes for a monthly agreement of $250.00. (There is a discount for taking all four classes per quarter)

You may also have the choice of attending fewer classes on a pro-rated scale:

One class - $70.00 per month

Two classes - $140.00 per month

Three classes - $210.00 per month

You will also be responsible for purchasing your text books used for each class.  One of the benefits of you purchasing your text books is that allows you to build your personal library.  Books can be purchased through Amazon or other websites.

You will also sign a quarterly contract agreeing to pay said fees whether you attend class or not.  This is to insure the financial stability of CBC.  

Classes to be offered in Fall 2019 Quarter 1


KJV Bible - Composition and Canon

Book needed: A Testimony Founded For Ever - The King James Bible Defended in Faith and History

by James H. Sightler, M.D.

Hermeneutics I - Correct Scriptural Interpretation

Book needed: Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics

by J. Edwin Hartill (This book will be used for both Hermeneutics I and Hermeneutics II)

The Parables of Jesus

Book needed:  King James Bible


Book needed:  BE Complete - Colossians

by Warren. W. Wiersbe